September 2018 Minutes

Folkingham Parish Council


held on Thursday 20th September 2018



  1. Welcome & Chair's Remarks   The meeting commenced at 19:30.  The Chairman – Hannah Weston Smith (HWS), welcomed those present: FPC Cllrs Richard Clark (RC), Stuart Cameron-Clark (SCC), Lucy Robb (LR) and Phara Hansen (PH) were present, along with the clerk, Emma Walken (EW) and 1 member of the public. 
  1. ApologiesApologies from FPC Cllr Kevin Edmeads (KE) and PCSO Sandra Brommell (SB)
  1. Declarations - There were no declarations of interest.
  1. Public Questions

A member of the public commented that a large pile of shredded paper had been dumped in the shrubbery at the edge of the allotments.  The Clerk was asked to contact our Community Cleaner to see if it could be cleared in addition to the usual litter picking in the village.

  1. Notes of the meeting held on 12th July 2018

The notes of the meeting held on 12th July 2018 were approved, signed by the Chairman as a true record of proceedings and accepted as the minutes.

  1. Matters Arising – updates from previous meetings unless covered by a separate agenda item.

The Clerk asked SCC about the payment for the Heartbeat Trust (a charitable donation in connection with the defibrillators) should be sent, as it had been mentioned at the last meeting that there was some question over this.  SCC stated that the phone system included in the service had not been working correctly and that cold calls had been received to the numbers associated with the first responders.  SCC stated that he would be looking into this issue and investigating options for sourcing the consumables required to maintain the defibrillators, such as replacement pads and batteries. 

  1. Updates from SKDC/LCC

Cllr Mike King provided the following update from SKDC:

  • SKDC have created several ‘arms reach’ companies to avoid contractor’s costs and generate income (for example IncomeSK and DevelopSK.  They have just announced another which will be used for grass cutting – though they are conscious of the need to be careful not to displace local businesses.
  • There have been ongoing issues with loose straw on the roads and in the gutters throughout the district as straw escapes as it is transported.  One of the problems is how this contributes to flooding when the drains become blocked.  MK commented that whilst we live in a rural area this is necessary for the farmers, there must be something that can be done to minimise the impact on the streets and drains.
  • The new multi-screen Cinema in Grantham is developing quickly and is currently scheduled to open in the New Year.  The complex will also include restaurants and bars.
  • There are funds available from the members grant scheme – MK has the opportunity to make small community funds available to local groups.  FPC suggested the village Children’s Christmas Party and the Millennium Green may benefit from this fund.  
  • Mill Cottage – as MK has resigned from his cabinet post, he has handed over the work connected to the legal issues with Mill Cottage (trying to get the building de-listed) to a colleague.  He will provide details of the new contact shortly.  Latest update was that it was poised to go to court and that the current owner was considering buying the scaffolding which would remove the financial responsibility from SKDC.  The cost of scaffolding is currently lower than the land charge payable to SKDC from the landowner.


Cllr Hill (LCC) provided the following update from LCC:

  • Pothole repairs across the county continue.  LCC have revamped their website to allow for easier reporting of potholes.  The new website allows for a photograph to be taken, making it easier to report road issues.  Surface dressing continues.
  • Staffing issues at Grantham Hospital continue, resulting in the issues with opening hours and services. Cllr Hill reported that overnight cover has improved.  There is no detailed plan and improvement continue in a ‘piecemeal’ fashion.  Non elective surgery continues but may be affected in the future.
  • Recruitment at Boston Maternity unit continues to be a problem. 
  • There have been objections to the Grantham bypass that may result in a public enquiry that LCC and SKDC are working to prevent.  Costs have escalated from £70m to £100m so affordability has been stretched and a public enquiry will delay timescales.
  • Verge cutting has just seen the 2nd cut of the year – LCC are hoping that there may be the possibility of a 3rd cut within the budget next year. 
  • There is pressure on the government to increase funding in areas such as Lincolnshire.  The demand for Adult Social Care is constantly rising.   There is a government green paper on Adult Care due in late 2018.  Cllr Hill and LCC are constantly campaigning for a far distribution of government funds in rural areas.
  • EW to request a formal ‘walkabout’ in the village from Cllr Hill via LCC to consider specific traffic calming and road surface issues.  It was noted that there are concerns about the road surface between Folkingham and Billingborough – with large potholes and issues with the road edging.  It is of particular concern that this road is a bus route – with buses to both primary schools in Billingborough and Pointon as well as the school service to Bourne.  Cllr Hill suggested that when making reports it should be emphasised that the road is a bus route.  It was also noted that the pothole at the junction of West Street and Walcot Road the pothole has become a ‘crater’ despite several reports.

Cllr Hill and Cllr King left the meeting at 20.10

  1. Traffic Calming Update

The order for the village entry gate signs into the village highlighting the 30 mph limit are now complete.  Plans are progressing quickly now that approval has been given to go ahead but there is a 6 week lead time on orders.  The ground will need preparing.  Chair to request assistance from RWGM.

Clerk to chase the situation regarding the additional 30 mph signs for the rest of the village. 

Several complaints have been received from residents of Chapel Lane regarding speeding vehicles.  One resident was almost hit by a vehicle as she exited her driveway.  Chair to add this to speed issues log.

  1. Playing Field
    1. Cllr Robb’s work in securing a community grant to assist in replacing the damaged swing has been successful.  75% of the grant has been received with the remained to follow on completion.  The survey is completed and work is due to commence next week.
    2. The previous query regarding cutting the large hedge running along the field side of the playing field is to be followed up with RWGM.  It has been suggested/requested that the hedge could just be removed.  RC to check permission requirements. 
    3. Dog mess on the playing fields continues to be a problem.  A known culprit was identified and confronted.  Dogs continue to be walked off leads (against the stated playing field rules) – though it was noted that responsible dog owners clear up after their dogs regardless.  All present were reminded that all that is needed to report a culprit to SKDC is 2 witnesses and/or a photograph.  It was suggested that a mention of the issue in the Folkingham Flyer would be appropriate.
  1. Grass Cutting
  1. Cllr Clark reported that he had made some progress in achieving detailed map coverage of the areas of grass cutting responsibility from SKDC.  RC has now discussed the extra requirements with RWGM and the extra areas will now be completed.
  2. The Chair noted that she has now communicated the FPCs decision to cap the contribution to Church grass cutting to 50% of a maximum of 8 cuts per year.  This will be reviewed in the next financial year.
  1. Allotments

Following a complaint from an allotment tenant regarding the erection of a fence using concrete footings, the Terms and Conditions of Allotment Tenancies will be reviewed at the next meeting.

2 plots are now available.  Any interested residents should contact the clerk.

  1. Village Green

A new tree is to be planted on the Village Green with the help of a local resident.  Cllr Hansen agreed to offer support with this project.  Prices of a mature tree to be obtained by the next meeting



  1. Summer Events

The Folkingham Fayre took place on Saturday 28th July and raised a total of £409.87 before costs.  Funds raised will be split between the Millennium Green and Village funds.

A change of focus has been suggested for next year – avoiding a clash with the weekend of Heckington Show has been suggested, along with making the Fayre more of a Food Fayre/Festival and the Dog Show will continue with a suggestion that only places 1-3 be recognised to reduce the costs of rosettes.

  1. Folkingham Flyer

The next edition is expected to be distributed in mid to late November.



  1. Planning  Applications received/decisions made by the SKDC planning department are as follows:

No updates at the time of the meeting.

  1. Finance

The Clerk provided all councillors with a Financial Summary, including cheques to be presented at the meeting.  All were accepted. 

It was agreed that following the resignation of Cllr Wright at least one new signatory would be required.  The Chair suggested that Vice Chair Cllr Clark and Cllr Cameron Clark, along with the Clerk as responsible financial officer should all be agreed signatories. The Clerk repeated her desire to get the banking online to dispense with the need for cheques.

  1. Training Update

The Clerk provided Councillors with an updated list of available LALC training days and reminded them that training days are available from LALC by request.

  1. Correspondence

None received.

  1. Future Meetings

The date of the next meeting was confirmed as 15th November at 7.30pm in Folkingham Village Hall. Next scheduled meeting: 17th January 2019

  1. Any Other Business

The Chair requested that the minutes of meetings be circulated within 2 weeks of the meeting and the agenda to be circulated 1 week before the next meeting.

The next village skip will be arranged for 27th October – in line with Autumn half term as usual.  Advert to be place in The Voice if in time for the deadline.  It was noted that skip dates should be added to the 2019 schedule of events to allow for advanced planning.






  1. There being no further business the meeting closed at 20:50


Matters requiring resolution (a vote/decision) are required to be provided to the Clerk in writing at least 14 working days before the date of the next meeting for circulation to the Council and inclusion on the Agenda.  Requests for Community Grants (funding/donations) must be submitted via a 'Grant Request Form' (available from the Clerk) and must be submitted at least 14 days before the date of the next meeting for circulation to the Council and inclusion on the Agenda.

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