July 2019 Minutes

Folkingham Parish Council


held on Thursday 11th JULY 2019



  1. Welcome & Chairwoman’s Remarks

The meeting commenced at 19:33. The Chairwoman – Cllr Hannah Weston Smith (HWS), welcomed those present.  FPC Cllrs Richard Clark (RC), Lucy Robb (LR), Anne Booth (AB), Dean Sturrock (DS) and Julie Watson-Grant (JWG) were also present, along with the Clerk (EW), SKDC Cllr Jan Hansen and several members of the public. 


  1. Apologies - No apologies for absence were received.


  1. Declarations of Interest - There were no declarations of interest.


  1. Public Questions
    1. A member of the public asked under what circumstances the Parish Council objects to Planning Applications within the village. 

Cllr HWS replied, and the following points were noted:

  • The Parish Council cannot and does not object to or accept Planning Applications – it submits comments, the comments of the Parish Council carry no more weight than comments made by members of the public.
  • In reference to the several applications received for new homes on Low Farm Drive, the Parish Council submitted comments as it had received contact from 2 households raising concern.  The Parish Council will submit comments if public concerns are received.
  • Folkingham has previously been classed as ‘unsustainable’ by planner, resulting in plans for new builds being rejected in recent years.  It seems this is now being relaxed so the village faces a new position.  Folkingham has a Village Design Group who also assess applications and make comments, residents interested in joining this group should contact the Chairwoman for details.


  1. A member of the public advised the Parish Council that RFFC will only be having one pitch moving forward.  He advised of their intention to cut this grass themselves.

Cllr Clark replied, and the following points were noted:

  • As the entire field needs to be cut and maintained, not just the football pitch, this matter needs further discussion and agreements in place reviewed. 
  • RFFC are tenants of the Parish Council and have yet to pay the pavilion rent for 2019 (Clerk to chase)

It was agreed:

  • To wait until official notice of this is received from RFFC, when RC will action
  • To chase the outstanding rent (EW)















  1. Notes of the Annual & Parish Meetings held on 16th May
    1. The Notes of the Annual Meeting were approved as the minutes.
    2. The notes of the Parish meeting were approved as the minutes, though it was noted that an amendment was required to item 12 following the over-ruling of a previous decision regarding the allocation of an allotment plot to an existing tenant.



  1. Matters Arising

There were no matters arising.


  1. Updates from LCC/SKDC

SKDC Cllr Jan Hansen provided an update and the following was noted:

  • There appears to be a planning policy shift in relation to new builds and that Folkingham appears to know be on the list for infill development, allowing on-off developments within reason. The applications on Low Farm Drive only have outline approval now and are not within the conservation area.
  • Cllr Jan Hansen noted that his observations at an SKDC planning induction had been “shocking” and added that if any resident has issues with the planning department or an application, they should contact him and he will “back (them) up”.
  • The Cinema in Grantham is due to open in July 2019
  • He has been investigating the spiralling costs related to the preservation of the Toll House/Cottage and discovered that in 1965 it was ordered to be demolished, it was also noted that costs are now close to £100,000.

Cllr Jan Hansen provide the Clerk with a copy of his comments, which will be updated to the FPC website.


  1. Traffic Calming Update

It was noted that the passive speed signs are due to be relocated shortly in line with the terms and conditions of the LRSP Scheme which require them to be regularly rotated.  The next locations are hoped to focus on the A15 and Walcot Lane, though HWS added that suitable positions on the main road are quite limited.



  1. Playing Field

It was noted:

  • The new litter bins were installed but one was removed within 24 hrs.  The lid and base have been recovered nearby but the metal lining is still missing.  The bins cost £250 each plus installation so this is not a cheap act of vandalism.  There are some suspects but no evidence.  If the lining can be found the bin can be reinstalled.  Any information should be referred to the Clerk, Cllr Robb or the Police on 101.

It was agreed:

  • To try and address the increasing issue with Dog Waste around the village and particularly on the playing field, a competition to design and make holders for Dog Waste bags would be launched.  Children should use a plastic bottle with the end cut off, this can be used to store bags and attached to litter bins etc.  There will be a £10 voucher for the best design.







  1. Grass Cutting


  1. It was noted that several areas have been missed in recent cuts.  RC to check the maps to check responsibility. 
  2. There was a short discussion about the option to wild seed some areas following a request.  HWS to provide further information on this at the next meeting.




  1. Allotments

It was noted:

  • Cllr Robb explained there are several loose posts on the fencing around the plots caused by rotting.  Replacing them is not an easy job due to the way the fencing is attached to them, so it is proposed to use supports instead.  Cost is estimated at approximately £350.  The Clerk confirmed there is budget available for allotment repairs.

It was agreed:

  • Following a unanimous vote, the Council agreed to go ahead with this expenditure, whilst acknowledging that this is an interim solution and a longer-term plan is needed.


  1. Village Green

It was noted:

  • The new trees are doing well, thanks were given to nearby residents for regularly watering them as they were established.
  • Guards to protect the trunks from strimmers are now in place.


It was proposed:

HWS raised the possibility of the Parish Council purchasing the Telephone Box for £1.  If it is identified that the telephone is not used sufficiently it can be purchased, it would then need to be maintained by FPC, though it was noted that it generally already is.  If it is not used enough it could be used as a phone charging point, electric car charge point, a wi-fi hub etc.

There was a motion made for further investigation; it was agreed:

  1. A public consultation should be sought with ideas and opinions on this matter – perhaps using the ‘poll’ function available on the website and/or social media.
  2. It should be confirmed if the telephone box is listed or not.










  1. Folkingham Flyer & Feastival

It was noted:

  • An Autumn edition of the Flyer is planned to allow a report on the upcoming Feastival. Cllr Clark requested that all Councillors provide a headshot photograph for use in the flyer.  Clerk to provide a financial summary.
  • The Feastival will run from 4pm until late and a Craft Fair will be in the Village Hall from 10am to 4pm.




  1. Planning

It was noted:

  • The outline application for a new build house adjacent to 43 West Street that was previously declined has been re-submitted, presumably as a result of the recent successful applications on Low Farm Drive.
  • Approvals had been received for work at Greyhound House and 32 Market Place.

It was proposed:

  • We should have clarity in our constitution relating to the following:
    • When FPC will comment on applications
    • Community involvement







  1. Finance
    1. All payments and receipts were reviewed.
    2. All payments were approved.


  1. Training Update

Councillors are to review their diaries and consider availability to attend an upcoming Councillor Training Session from LALC.


All Cllrs

  1. Correspondence

It was noted that there had been an official complaint received against the Clerk regarding the way the allocation of the allotment plot was handled and the Council’s subsequent decision to over-rule the original agreement to allow one resident to have 2 plots following a new application.  The FPC Complaints Procedure will be followed and the complainant responded to in line with this procedure.



  1. Date of Next Meeting

The date of the next meeting was confirmed as Thursday 19th September 2019 at 7.30pm


  1. Any Other Business – None


  1. Close

There being no further business the meeting closed at 20.35.