July 2022 Meeting MINUTES

Folkingham Parish Council

MINUTES OF the PARISH COUNCIL MEETING held on Thursday 21st July 2022


1.         Welcome & Introductions

The meeting commenced at 19.32.  The Chair (CL) welcomed those present – Cllr Anne Booth (AB) Cllr Lucy Robb (LR); One member of the public also joined the meeting. 

Apologies –. Cllr Clark; Cllr Weston Smith; Cllr Smith

It was noted that due to Councillor absences the Council is not at quorum for this meeting so no resolutions (formal decisions requiring a vote) can be made.  Any decisions requiring a resolution will be made via a virtual extraordinary meeting or similar.

2.         Declarations of Interest

There were no declarations of interest.         

3.         Public Questions

  • A member of the public asked why only half of the road had been re-laid.  It was clarified that Cllr Hill had advised at the May meeting that only the worst section would be done initially and that the rest will be done next year
  • The same member of the public asked for an update on the CCTV at the playing field.
    • Action RC to provide an update by or before the next meeting

4.         Notes of May 2022 Meeting

The notes of the Parish Council Meeting held on MAY 2022 were approved as the minutes.

5.         Matters Arising

  • Following the resignation of Councillor Watson Grant the Co-option process to find a new Councillor has commenced.  A closing date of 31st July 2022 has been set and one application has already been received.
  • The Chair has received a communication regarding the land on Stowe Crossroads (currently being farmed by a tenant). An area of approx. 60 acres will soon have a planning application for solar panels pending. This area may not be within boundaries of Folkingham but the landowner has indicated a willingness, should planning be approved, to contribute a proportion of the annual income (estimated £5000 - index linked) to Folkingham residents who may be struggling to cover their energy costs; the theory being that funds would be managed and grants awarded, via the Parish council.  A public meeting is pending.
  • The Chair advised that she had a meeting with the Aveland Heritage group to discuss heritage weekend 17-18 Sept.  There will be battle re-enactments, living history group on the Millennium Green, craft tent etc.  SKDC have allocated funds of £10k. 
    • Grant applied for £400 – will need to be discussed by extraordinary meeting to approve.
  • Action to update Councillor contact details on the website – EW

6.         Updates from SKDC/LCC

No updates were available

7.         Playing Field

It was noted:


  • query plots 9 and 1 – Clerk to follow up with Cllr Robb.
  • Cllr Booth to re-paint numbers on gates for clarity


  • Cllr Robb to organise a visit after the RoSPA inspection to assess all the work that needs doing.  Followed by a working party to resolve minor issues
  • Wooden posts near parking area are rotting – can they just be removed?  Investigation required


  • Clerk to remind all tenants no vehicles except within tenancy agreement rules, which means only with prior permission, when no children are playing (or football matches/practice) or if in possession of a blue badge.

8.         Other Village Matters

It was noted:

•           Benches:

  • £189 trade price.  One in marketplace needs replacing.  Proposal for a second one in that area.  Also additional benches facing church.  One on West St where the bin was, Greenfields (facing church) Wilkie Drive facing the playing field.  Gaining permission from landowners.
  • Tree has been ripped out of the green on West Street unfortunately.  Consider options for replacement.
  • A request has been made regarding a plant sale to raise funds for the Church on Churchfields Green – Council see no issues but acknowledge it is not FPC land.

9.         Planning

Applications have been circulated to all Councillors in advance of the meeting and were discussed with no significant concerns at this time.

10.       Finance

It was noted:

•           All payments and receipts were reviewed.

It was agreed:

•           All payments were approved.

  1. Grant application for £400 was received from The Aveland History Group for an upcoming event.  As this requires a resolution (decision by vote) and the meeting is not at quorum, the Clerk will arrange a follow up to obtain a vote from each Councillor.  (Edited to add that since the meeting this application has been approved by unanimous decision by extraordinary meeting).
  2. Banks authority to be sorted
  3. The Annual Governance Statement 2021/22 was approved

11.       Correspondence

No further correspondence.

12.       Date of Next Meeting

The date of the next meeting and Annual Meeting was confirmed as Thursday 15th September 2022 at 7.30pm in Folkingham Village Hall.  Members of the public may submit any questions in advance and are welcome to join the meeting – details will be posted on the website in advance of the meeting.          

13.       Close

There being no further business the meeting closed at 20:05          

Future Meetings:      

Confirmed:  15th September 2022;  Provisional: 17th November 2022