MINUTES of the March 2022 Meeting

Folkingham Parish Council


held on Thursday 17th March 2022

(This record of events is considered NOTES until approved as the MINUTES at the next PC Meeting)

1.            Welcome & Introductions

The meeting commenced at 19.30

The Chair welcomed those present – Cllr Lucy Robb (LR), Cllr Cath Lack (CL) Cllr Anne Booth (AB).  One member of the public also joined the meeting.  Cllr Martin Hill (LCC) joined at 19:35

Apologies – Cllr Richard Clark (RC), Cllr Julie Watson Grant (JWG), PCSO  

Cllr Sturrock has officially resigned from the Council; the position will be advertised, and the co-option process followed.

2.            Declarations of Interest

There were no declarations of interest.  

3.            Public Questions

A question was raised regarding the small percentage increase that appeared on the latest Council Tax Bill, given that the Parish Council had agreed to apply for the same amount of funding as the previous year - £11,000.  Cllr Hill was able to explain that this was down to technical issue and that there was no physical increase. The Annual Precept that FPC have applied for has remained at £11,000 for the last 3 years.

4.            Notes of 20th January 2022 Meeting

The notes of the Parish Council Meeting held on 20th January 2022 were approved as the minutes.

5.            Matters Arising

The resignation of Councillor Sturrock triggers the Co-option process to find a new Councillor.  A notice has been posted with a closing date of the end of March.

6.            Updates from SKDC/LCC

No update was available from Cllr Hansen (SKDC)

Cllr Hill (LCC) gave the following update:

  • Main road (A15) to be partially resurfaced. Rest of the village probably next year.  Will require a partial road closure.
  • Council Tax increase 2nd lowest in country.  Didn’t get funds were expecting for highways so had to increase more than would have liked to partially cover the additional funds required.
  • Ukraine situation – extended family can come if there is accommodation available to them.  Volunteers can offer places - £350 per month available.  Start arriving in Stanstead very soon.  CRB checks on all hosts.  Home Office overwhelmed with refugees so use of the public should help.  Longer it goes on harder it becomes. Most refugees will be older people, women and children as men of fighting age are not allowed to leave the Ukraine.
  • Chair asked Cllr Hill about rumours surrounding Low Farm regarding direct comments received from residents about a new planning application and rumours that it has been sold to travellers.  Also, a detailed letter has been received from a resident about a historical planning application from the 1990s that it is believed could still be used to gain planning permission for houses.  Cllr Hill offered some advice and support if anything should become official.

Cllr Hill left the meeting at 19:50

7.            Playing Field

It was noted:

•             CCTV – will be installed soon. Cameras now purchased and waiting to be installed.  Signs to be ordered also.  Need some proper equipment to get through the walls of the pavilion.

•             RoSPA Inspection:

  • Roundabout – clearance is too large.  Needs new hardcore and replace the matting.  May need to be decommissioned until it can be appropriately repaired.  Cllr Clark to consider the options.  Wicksteed have been asked to quote for the repair work.
  • Other issues raised have been partially resolved, pending better weather to undertake maintenance and repairs

8.            Other Village Matters

It was noted:

•             Benches:

  • £189 trade price.  One in marketplace needs replacing.  Proposal for a second one in that area.  Also additional benches facing church.  One on West St when the bin was, Greenfields (facing church) Wilkie Drive facing the playing field.
  • Sponsorship being considered and explored SKDC have a wellbeing scheme and may have funds available.
  • Is planning required for new locations, this will need to be confirmed.


  • 9th July is confirmed as the date for the Folkingham Feastival
  • Skip for Easter to be booked for the weekend of the 9th April 2022

9.            Planning


  • 8 Bourne Road - Changes to entrance
  • 21 Market Place – New front door and double-glazed windows.  Metal railings and various minor alterations.  Double glazing is usually refused.  Listed Building Consent required also.
  • 54 Churchfields – single story extension
  • Old Rectory – single story extension and alterations to existing detached garage. Listed Building Consent

10.         Finance

It was noted:

•             All payments and receipts were reviewed.

It was agreed:

•             All payments were approved.

11.         Correspondence

•       Dangers of people walking towards new footpath on Sleaford Rd – signs will be erected

  • Light still missing from the White House -
  • Aveland History Group had requested a grant by way of email.  They have been asked to submit an application in line with the policy.



12.         Date of Next Meeting

The date of the next meeting and Annual Meeting was confirmed as Thursday 19th May 2022 at 7.00pm in Folkingham Village Hall.  Members of the public may submit any questions in advance and are welcome to join the meeting – details will be posted on the website in advance of the meeting.         

13.         Close

There being no further business the meeting closed at 20:11       

Future Meetings:            


19th May (Annual Meeting) 2022


14th July 2022

15th September 2022

17th November 2022