November 2021 Meeting Minutes

Folkingham Parish Council


held on Thursday 18th November 2021


1.            Welcome & Introductions

The meeting commenced at 19.30

The Vice Chair Cllr Richard Clark (RC) welcomed those present – Cllr Julie Watson Grant (JWG), Cllr Lucy Robb (LR), Cllr Anne Booth (AB) and Cllr Cath Lack (CL).  4 members of the public also joined the meeting.

Apologies – Cllr Weston-Smith; PCSO      

2.            Declarations of Interest - There were no declarations of interest.            

3.            Public Questions

  • PB – asked about CCTV at playing field
  • Kieran – re cricket to the village (Inc ladies team).  Is a coach in Sleaford. Has spoken to Pete Stanton, no response yet.  Use of outfield only, children being introduced to basics.  Women and ladies team to if applicable.  Family friendly.  In partnership with Billingborough PC.  Practices mainly, matches hopefully mostly at Billingborough.  Explanation of the intentions.  Pavilion has a tenant.  Surface not needed – children practice on the grass.  Ages 9 and over.  Welfare needs to be explored.  Another resident added that this is part of the bigger picture to try and gain more funding for sports activities in rural areas.  Keen to just introduce the option.  Allstars practice, playing in training.
    • PC supportive of any activities to involve the children further.  Unanimous support from around the table.  Football club leases the pavilion not the playing field so some compromise should be available.  Will need support to ensure an appropriate ratio.      

4.            Notes of 16th September 2021 Meeting

The notes of the Parish Council Meeting held on 16th September 2021 were approved as the minutes with one amendment of removing a name.        

5.            Matters Arising

•             Grass cuttings etc. being thrown over fences onto the public footpath.  Cllr Lack to draft a letter to be emailed to councillors for approval before being sent out.  Fly tipping.  If we send a letter now it is not the right timing, wait until spring   

6.            Updates from SKDC/LCC

There were no updates available from SKDC

Cllr Hill (LCC) provided the following update:

  • West Street resurfacing scheduled for Jan
  • A15 resurfacing/patching – survey completed recently.
  • Government funding announcements, Local Government results better than anticipated from chancellor.  Not sure what that looks like for Lincolnshire yet.  Adult care and NI may take up a considerable amount.  Budget gap but issuing savings and an increase in Council Tax – prob max of 3%.  £12m (25%) loss from government grants for highways last year so trying hard to get that back.  Covered last year with savings etc but not sustainable.  Rural areas need additional funding.
  • New tree in Market Square at the right time.
  • No update on bungalows.            


7.            Playing Field

It was noted:

•             CCTV – will be installed soon. Cameras now purchased and waiting to be installed.  Signs to be ordered also.  Need some proper equipment to get through the walls of the pavilion.

•             RoSPA Inspection:

  • Points system 1- 7 low, 8 -12 medium over 13 is Urgent.
  • Far gates (access) we need a chain
  • Wooden benches – 9 points timber is decayed apparently.  Can’t see any issue on inspection
  • Picnic tables need additional bolts and thread lock.  Screws are too short – 8 points
  • Signage – Big sign was overgrown – resolved now
  • No parking sign is broken so needs fixing – 6 points
  • Roundabout – clearance is too large.  Needs new hardcore and replace the matting.
  • Climbing wall – finger entrapment issue but even they acknowledge it can’t really be resolved.
  • Strimming damage again – monitor and perhaps spray?
  • Councillors to arrange to visit 26th September to walk round and inspect further.

•             All decisions about playground and any decisions made are based on the RoSPA report and shared via Cllr Robb

Walk around has been undertaken, some caps missing. £10.  Matting needs replacing – have some from old swings.  Chain purchased.  Roundabout clearance too great, needs to be backfilled. Does the roundabout need to be decommissioned? Medium risk from RoSPA.  Decommissioning would be very difficult, safety tape and cable ties have been ignored in the past.  Can we consider signs to warn of the risk?  Can we do it ourselves or would we need specialist equipment?

Action – additional quote from creative play.  Laminated signs attached to fencing.


8.            Other Village Matters

It was noted:

  • Lamp on wall of The White House. Needs attention SKDC.  Somebody from the council needs to address the issue.  An email to Cllr Hansen may help
  • Benches:
  • £189 trade price.  One in market place needs replacing.  Proposal for a second one in that area.  Also additional benches facing church.  One on West St when the bin was, Greenfields (facing church) Wilkie Drive facing the playing field.
  • Sponsorship being considered and explored SKDC have a wellbeing scheme – May have funds available?    

9.            Planning


  • Application for 2 houses with double garages on land adjacent to 18 Chapel Lane
  • Application for 2 story dwelling at 3 Low Farm Drive
  • Hollywell Cottage, Sleaford Rd – tree works


  • 8 West Street – New oil tank - approved
  • The Old Rectory, West St – renovate boundary walling (listed consent) - approved              

10.         Finance

It was noted:

  • All payments and receipts were reviewed.

It was agreed:

•             All payments were approved.

•             Internal Auditor needed – Clerk to approach a couple of recommended individuals              

11.         Correspondence

  • Thanks received from the Aveland History Group, Church and Folkingham History group for grants received
  • Concerns about speeding on West Street
  • Comments from PT regarding litter & gully clearance.  Thanks for everyone who does their bit in keeping the village tidy and clean and mown. Highways have been reported.
  • Request from FVH committee for financial accounts and standing orders.
  • Road closure – West St 12/1/22 to 21/1/22 (EDIT- revised to 18/1/22 to 22/1/22)              

12.         Date of Next Meeting

The date of the next meeting was confirmed as Thursday 20th January 2022 at 7.30pm in Folkingham Village Hall.  Members of the public may submit any questions in advance and are welcome to join the meeting – details will be posted on the website in advance of the meeting.            

13.         Close

There being no further business the meeting closed at 20:36       

Future Meetings:            


20th January 2022          


17th March 2022

19th May (Annual Meeting) 2022

21st July 2022

15th September 2022

17th November 2022