Minutes of the Annual Meeting of the Council - May 2021

Folkingham Parish Council


held on Thursday 20th May 2021


1.            Welcome & Introductions

The meeting commenced at 19.31

The Chair (HWS) welcomed those present at the web meeting – Cllr Richard Clark (RC), Cllr Julie Watson Grant (JWG), Cllr Cath Lack (CL), and Cllr Dean Sturrock (DS).  Cllr Martin Hill from LCC was also present.  4 members of the public also joined the meeting.

Apologies – PCSO Bramwell; Cllr Robb; Cllr Booth             

2.            Declarations of Interest

There were no declarations of interest.  

3.            Chairs Report

To be attached separately           

4.            Election of Chair and Vice Chair


The Clerk asked those wishing to be considered for the position of Chair to make themselves known.  Cllr Weston-Smith put herself forward. 

The Clerk asked for the nomination to be seconded. It was seconded by several other Councillors

•             Cllr Hannah Weston Smith was therefore approved as Chairperson for 2021/22


The Clerk asked those wishing to be considered for the position of Vice - Chair to make themselves known.  Cllr Richard Clark put himself forward. 

The Clerk asked for the nomination to be seconded. It was seconded by several other Councillors

•             Cllr Richard Clark was therefore approved as Vice -Chair for 2021/22       

5.            Minutes of 20th May 2021 Meeting

The notes of the Parish Council Meeting held on 20th May 2021 were approved as the minutes. 

It was noted that the notes of the Parish Council Annual Meeting held on 21st May 2020 were approved at the Parish Council Meeting held on 9th July 2020     

6.            Annual Financial Report

  • Annual accounts for 2020/21 were summarised by the Clerk and approved by the Council for submission to the auditors.
  • The 2021/22 Budget was approved with some amendments.               

7.            Annual Committees Review

No Changes       

8.            Annual meeting closed

The annual meeting was closed and the Council moved on to cover agenda points for the Parish Council Meeting  

9.            Public Questions

The Chair noted that a public question had been submitted in advance and there is further correspondence from some to be addressed at item 17. 

•             Mr Oates had submitted a letter on the day of the meeting.  PC responses as follows:

  • Amendments to the notes of the last meeting regarding the defibrillators were suggested, these had already been made by the Clerk and will be edited before being posted as the agreed minutes
  • The notice boards have not been updated during the pandemic due to covid concerns, these will now be updated in future.  The Chair reminded those present that Notes, minutes and agendas are always available on the website or by request.
  • Notification of the AGM was posted on the Notice Board outside the shop and on the website
  • The Council is not required to produce detailed financial reports on demand, accounts are available to view by the public, by appointment during an agreed 2 week period after audit – this notice is published with available dates for viewing.  Summaries were always available on the old website, accessibility issues have made this very difficult on the new website.  The Clerk is working on a solution ready for the 2020-21 accounts.  In the interest of transparency the Clerk has provided Mr Oates with a detailed statement of accounts for the preceding 4 years.
  • Mr Oates also felt his previous questions had not been answered, the Chair had responded to Mr Oates’ previous questions by email and felt all matters were addressed but added that outstanding queries could be resent if Mr Oates did not feel her email had answered all his points.

•             Another member of the public asked why we didn’t use the Church Notice Board and pointed out that written notices are important for those without computer/internet access.  It was felt that as the Church Notice Board is very close to the Notice Board outside the shop this wasn’t necessary.

•             Toddler group funding – this matter is on the agenda and will be addressed then

10.         Notes of the last Council Meeting held on  18th March 2021 to be approved

The notes of the Parish Council Annual Meeting held on 18th March were approved as the minutes.             

11.         Matters Arising

There were no matters arising that will not be covered on the Agenda later in the meeting.              

12.         Planning

•             Application for windows in a listed building at 10 Market Place – listed building consent.

•             Application for 3 houses at Low Farm, Spring Lane – refused under SP3 SP4 and due to flooding concerns.

•             New gates on the manor house – listed and planning

It was noted that there is a need to move on with the conservation area when SKDC can support

13.         Updates from SKDC/LCC

There were no updates available from Cllr J Hansen (SKDC). 

Cllr Hill (LCC) provided the following update:

  • Thanks for being voted back in for another 4 yrs.  Council will remain in Conservative control.
  • AGM tomorrow
  • Election issues – Roads/potholes top priority – more money due but £12m removed from Gov budget in Feb, £15-£20m per year spent on highways maintenance. 
  • Fly tipping is another issue – usually district council responsibility but the A1 is LCC Highways.  LCC will support SKDC in this initiative. 
  • Related to tips – covid caused issues, still need to book a slot at the tip but no restrictions on what you can take now. Booking systems may be removed shortly as lots of complaints about it.
  • Folkingham – West St resurface due this summer, hopefully resolve flooding issues too.  There will be a road closure.  Continuing efforts to sort out the south end of the A15 in the village – surveyors have been. Awaiting news.
  • Grantham bypass progressing well, due to finish later this year.
  • Funding of social adult care still an issue – awaiting a proposal.  Generous funding from the Government during Covid but need to build on that.
  • Covid – rates are low at the moment summer months probably safer.  Once all vaccinations are done, booster early next year hopefully.
  • Flu also an issue later this year, jab will need to be separate.       


14.         Defibrillators

Following a brief discussion it was noted:

  • The recent need for them has highlighted the maintenance issues.  The defibrillators were not set up by the PC but PC have a duty of care to support in the ongoing maintenance.
  • It was proposed that this should involve a Parish Council Councillor plus a volunteer member of the public
  • Training offered

It was agreed:

•             Cllr Watson Grant to assist the volunteer member of the public as the PC representative. 

15.         Traffic Calming Update

It was noted:

  • Signs need to be moved and replace elsewhere.
  • LRSP put up additional signs recently and FPC ones will be placed again soon.
  • It is likely that future rotations will alternate between West Street, Walcot Lane and the main A15/Market Place.       

16.         Playing Field

It was noted:

  • There are been several incidents on the playing field this year, anti-social behaviour and vandalism.  Police involved.
  • The cost of a new CCTV camera system would be £689 for a 2TB hard disk and 4 HD cameras
  • No admin costs, limited access by agreed parties only and only when necessary.  Hard drive storage rather than Internet connectivity to prevent concerns about others potentially being able to view footage and to keep costs down
  • Signage will be required

Following a brief discussion and vote it was agreed:

•             To purchase the new camera system and associated signage       

17.         Grass Cutting

Nothing to note.             

18.         Allotments

Nothing to note

19.         Village Green 

  • Still awaiting new posts
  • New tree guards in place, the Chair had sent thanks to the resident who suggested them.
  • We have the opportunity to purchase the Telephone box for £1.  It is listed and would become the PCs responsibility to maintain. It was voted on and carried unanimously to pursue this to preserve the telephone Box.         

20.         Other Village Matters

It was noted:

  • Loose dogs – reports of dogs running loose and an incident of one attacking another dog causing injury and chasing cats.  Also a dog in the play area.
  • Residents should contact the police if there are any issues – signage is clear that dogs must be on a lead on the playing field.  The new CCTV system will help with incidents like this and dog fouling.

21.         Finance

It was noted:

  • All payments and receipts were reviewed.
  • Grant application:
  • Toddler Group – Brocklesby Trust will give £350; 6 children attended in the 1st week, last week 12.  FVH offering huge support and free hall hire until at least September.  Donation for refreshments have been received.
  • Heritage Festival
  • Feastival – for PA and a generator.

It was agreed:

  • All payments were approved.
  • Grant applications:
  • As the group have funding until Christmas, propose they come back in November.
  • Feastival – approved
  • Heritage Festival – further questions.  What will the money be used for please?  

22.         Training Update

The Clerk continues to circulate training dates available to all Councillors.  Some training is now available online.     

23.         Correspondence

  • Playing field - -contact from the police about recent incidents, Cllr Clark has responded
  • Holes in the playing field from football posts and burning mark/tree stump.  Cllr Clark has contacted RFFC and the complainant but the complainant did not respond.   

24.         Date of Next Meeting

The date of the next meeting was confirmed as Thursday 15th July 2021 at 7.30pm in Folkingham Village Hall.  Members of the public may submit any questions in advance and are welcome to join the meeting – details will be posted on the website in advance of the meeting.             

25.         Close

There being no further business the meeting closed at 21:05       

Future Meetings             


15th July 2021


16th September 2021; 18th November 2021