Draft minutes of the meeting of Folkingham Parish Council held on 18th January 2024

Present:                       Cllr Catherine Lack, Cllr Lucy Robb, Cllr Anne Booth, Cllr Hannah Weston Smith, Cllr Nickey Pretty, Cllr Martin Smith, Cllr Nathan Roe

Also Present:               Nicky Bush (Clerk), Cllr Martin Hill (LCC)

Public Forum:              5 members of the public


A member of Pointon football club asked if it would be possible to for them to use the football club and pavilion.  At this point it is not possible but it would be considered at a later date and the club was asked to email the clerk with details of their requirements for use.

A member of the public raised the issue of no light in the alleyway off West Street and that it had caused his wife to stumble and fall causing injury.  This item is on the agenda and will be discussed in detail later in the meeting.


Meeting started 7.32 pm


23/114 Chair’s remarks.


23/115 Apologies for absence and reasons given.

Cllr Anne Booth gave apologies. It was resolved to accept the apologies.

23/116 To receive any declarations of interest in accordance with the Localism Act 2011.


23/117 Draft minutes of the meeting held on 16-11-23 to be confirmed and signed as minutes.

Item 23/106 should read Cllr N Pretty and not Cllr L Robb.An amendment was made and it was resolved to accept the above notes as minutes.They were confirmed and signed by the Chair.

23/118 Financial matters: Accounts for payment and budget figures, including report, up to 18.01.24.


Source of Income

Total Amount



SKDC Litter Grant




C Greasley - allotment rent




National Grid




S Ling - allotment 9 rent




P Thrush - allotment Rent




J Palmer - allotment rent




D Hall - allotment 4 rent








Purpose of Expenditure

Total Amount


Community Heartbeat



Baby & toddler group - Grant



John Kirby - Grass Cutting 15075



B&Q - Xmas decorations



Displaypro - xmas decorations



Bank Charges Nov 23



John Kirby - Grass Cutting 15077



Wave - Water bill play area



Ryan Kilpatrick - Key refund



EC Chartlton & son - Christmas Tree



N Bush - PAYE



Folkingham Village Hall - room hire 16/11/23, 18/01/24



J Kirby - Inv 15078



C Hasset Litter Picking Dec/Jan 24












£1,000 transferred to Lloyds Account

£1,000 transferred to Lloyds Account,


£1,000 transferred to Lloyds Account

£1,000 transferred to Lloyds Account


It was resolved to accept the accounts for payment.

Clerk advised that now we have the new bank account open we can open a business savings account which will attract interest payments.  It was resolved that the clerk would open the account and initially transfer a small amount of money into the account.


Action: Cllr Lack to authorise outstanding payments online. Clerk to set up savings account


23/119 Planning:

Cllr MS advised that there is now a Neighbourhood Plan Consultation open for residents to complete to give input of what they would like to see on the plan.


23/120 Correspondence


Email - Weekly planning

Lincs County Council

Email - Newsletter


Email - Corporate Plan consultation

Lincs Police

Email - Details of funding for community assets

Call Connect

Email - Christmas opening times 2023

South Lincs Academies Trust

Email - Pupil admission number consultation


Email - Draft Licensing policy


Email - Greater Lincolnshire devolution consultation

Lincs Police

Email - Information regarding funding


Email - Start of purple bin collections


Email - Storm Heck feedback requested


Email - Greater Lincolnshire devolution consultation reminder


Action: None.


23/121 Clerks report.

Lloyds Bank Account

  • Now up and running

Street light

  • Emailed Cllr Turner back to confirm we would like him to approach SKDC

Fix My Street

  • Block Drain - Reported 479197
  • Damaged Sign - Already reported by someone else - confirmation received it has been fixed

Market place bench

  • John Kirby providing a quotation


  • Allotment 6 - signed agreement and payment received from new tenant
  • 2024 Rent invoices sent out

Grass Cutting Tender

  • Draft Tender document produced


Action: None

23/122 Updates from LCC/SKDC

Cllr MH outlined Lincolnshire County Councils position on the Devolution consultation, with it giving £24m per year for the next 30 years along with other money for the county.  It would become a Mayoral area with a committee and Mayoral areas get preferential treatment from the government.

Cllr MH responded to the email received from Cllr MS with regards to re-routing traffic and it is his view that we wait until the new junction is in place and then review the situation.

Cllrs HWS enquired about the progress from the last meeting with regards the issue of large/long vehicles getting stuck on Greenfield/Springfield lane and asked if the council can purchase and put up signs to restrict large vehicles.  Cllr Hill agreed to make enquiries to see if we are able to do this.

Action: Clerk to follow up with Cllr MH with regards to the traffic signs

23/123 Pavilion

Cllr NR has reviewed the lease and as rent has not been paid for the last 2 years there is a right to forfeit the lease.  There are two ways of doing this –

1) by peaceful entry or

2) A deed of surrender signed by both parties

Option 2 is the simplest as this will then be able to be sent to the Land Registry, which has to be done anyway.

The Councillors voted unanimously, and it was resolved to opt for Option 2

Cllr NR also reported that before the building could be used there are some compliance work needs to be undertaken, for which he has received a quotation.  It was resolved that this would be reviewed at the next meeting once the Pavilion has been transferred across to us.

The clerk confirmed that she has spoken to the Parish insurance company and has now received the information they need to be able to provide a quotation.


Action: Cllr NR to arrange for the deed of surrender to be written.  Clerk to submit information to insurance company to obtain a quotation.


23/124 Playing field

Play Area

Cllr LR presented quotations with regards to replacing the broken benches and repairing the roundabout and broken bin and new benches

The cost of a replacement bin is £107

Quotes for repairs were discussed and it was agreed to accept the quote from JPH services - bench slabs, bin slab and replace step to raised play area £1530 and £379 for Market place foundation

The costs for the new benches for the play area were discussed and it was resolved that the coloured recycled plastic option at £932.89 for the three would be accepted.

Cllr LR will now submit the funding application for these works


The Clerk reported that the tenant of allotment 6 gave notice before Christmas and it was offered and accepted by the resident at the top of the waiting list. Allotment rent invoices were sent out in January and five have already been paid.

There is currently a leaking tap on the second block of allotments, which is believed to be a seal damaged -  Cllr LR advised her son would fix this.

Action: Cllr LR to submit application for repair works


23/125 Bench – Market Place

Three quotes have now been received with regards installing slabs and the bench in the Market Place.  It was resolved to accept the quotation from Jason Hartill subject to funding being granted from the prosperity fund.

Action: Clerk to feedback Jason Hartill.


23/126 Street Lighting

General lighting

Cllrs report that the main lights on West Street had been reported, one of which was fixed but not the other.

Some lights belong to Lincolnshire County Council, and these can be reported on fix my street website.  If the light is not on their map, then details of the light can be emailed to streetlighting@southkesteven.gov.uk


Provision of street light off west street

Following discussion, it was resolved that the Council would look at installing a solar light on the verge where the garages are.  The clerk to research costs and request planning permission from SKDC and then submit an application for funding to cover the costs.

Action: Clerk to put details of where to report lights problems on the website and social media and work towards the installation of a light on west street.


23/127 Grant application – Folkingham & District Produce Show

The Councillors discussed the grant application received, as the budget has been used up for this year it was resolved that it would be agreed as part of next year’s budget.

Action: Clerk to notify applicant and prepare payment to be made in April 2024


23/128 Police Meeting – update from Cllr Pretty

Cllr NP gave an overview of the police meeting that she had attended and the areas they are focusing on.

Crimes can be reported on the Lincolnshire police website.  Lincs.police.co.uk

Residents can sign up for alerts to what is happening in their areas on the Lincolnshire alert website Lincolnshirealert.co.uk

Action: Clerk to advertise the website addresses


23/129 Grass Cutting Tender

The clerk presented the tender documents to the Cllrs for approval.  It was resolved that this would be publish and tenders received discussed at the next meeting.

Cllr NR asked if the edges around the Pavilion could be trimmed back on the next grass cut.

Action: Clerk to post on the website, Facebook and Cllr HWS to put a copy in the noticeboard



23/130 Annual Parish meeting

The Clerk outlined potential ideas for inclusion in the Annual Parish meeting to include a presentation from ECO Learn, Neighbourhood plan and ideas for how the Pavilion could be used going forward.

It was resolved that the Annual Parish meeting would be held on 7th March 2025.  Councillors to send contact details to the clerk of organisations that may with to give a report at the meeting.

Action: Clerk to set up Annual Parish meeting and arrange for ECO learn presentation


23/131 Greater Lincolnshire Devolution

Cllr Hill covered this topic in his report.  Cllr HWS agreed to place the poster in the noticeboard and the clerk agreed she would but another post on the website and facebook as a reminder to residents.

Action: Cllr HWS to put flyer in noticeboard and clerk to post reminder on social media.


23/132 Storm Heck

A15 Flooding

An email received from a resident was discussed with regards to the stream running through the Millenium Garden caused a flood across the A15 down onto the Billingborough road. This then backed up leading it to entering their front garden.

Cllr Hill confirmed there were 500 properties flooded in Lincolnshire and where water entered houses it triggers compensation and investigation.  He confirmed the Parish can apply for a tone back of sand and sandbags.

It was discussed that the pipe going under the road not being wide enough to cope with the water and Cllr Hill said he would look into this.  He also confirmed the Council does have flood signs and he would inquire whether the Parish Council could have some.


Action: Cllr MH to look into the width of the pipe and enquire if the Parish can have some flood signs


23/132 Other Village matters

A resident had asked if there would be a possibility of the pedestrian crossing on the A15.  Cllr MH said this was investigated 10 years ago but was not possible due to it being a main road, however the curbs were lowered.  He confirmed he would ask again but based on thr possibly having an island rather than a pedestrian crossing.


Monitoring of trees.  Cllr MS confirmed no further progress has been made on assessing the trees.  It was resolved that the clerk would look into costs for this being carried out externally.


Action: Cllr MH to enquire about an island crossing on the A15, clerk to looking into getting the trees within the village mapped and assessed.






Meeting Closed 9.00 pm


Date of next meeting:  21 March 2024 7.30 pm






Signed:                                                                                       (In the chair)