Agenda – Annual Meeting of Folkingham Parish Council 18 May 2023


Dear Councillor

You are hereby summoned to attend the next Annual Parish Council Meeting of Folkingham Parish Council, which will be held on Thursday 18th May 2023, commencing at 19:00 in the Folkingham Village Hall. The business to be dealt with at the meeting is listed in the agenda.


Signature:               Clerk to the Folkinhgam Parish Council      Date:         09/05/23                              


Agenda – Annual Meeting of Folkingham Parish Council 18 May 2023


Election of Councillors and completion of Declaration of Office and Interest Forms


  1. Election of chair
  2. Receipt of chair’s declaration of acceptance
  3. Election of a vice-chairman
  4. Receipt of vice chair’s declaration of acceptance
  5. Apologies for absence and reasons given
  6. Approval of the accounts for the year ending 31st March 2023
  7. Appointment of representatives
  • CCTV
  • Pavillion
  • Play equipment
  • Allotments
  • Defibrillator
  • Village green
  • Environment and planning committee
  • Grass cutting
  1. Review and adoption of standing orders
  2. Review and adoption of financial regulations’
  3. Review of inventory of assets
  4. Review and adoption of risk register
  5. Review and adoption of retention policy
  6. Review and confirmation of arrangements for insurance cover in respect of all insured risks


Meeting will temporary close for public forum


Public Forum


Meeting recommenced


  1. Chair`s remarks.
  2. To receive any declarations of interest in accordance with the Localism Act 2011 and to consider any requests for dispensations.
  3. Draft minutes of the meeting held on 16.03.23 to be confirmed and signed as minutes.
  4. Financial matters: Accounts for payment and budget figures, including report, up to 09.05.23.
  5. Planning Applications

Washdyke Solar Farm

  1. Correspondence
  2. Clerks report
  3. Updates from LCC/SKDC
  4. Internal audit & AGAR – review and approval of Audit Documents
    1. Review of internal audit
    2. Annual Governance Statement
    3. Accounting statements 2022/23
    4. Explanation of variances & reconciliation between box 7 & 8
    5. Explanation of high reserves
    6. Certificate of exemption
  5. Playing field
    1. Pavilion
    2. Allotments
    3. Play area
  6. New bench by phone box
  7. Cherry trees in marketplace
  8. Co-option of Councillor
  9. Other village matters.
  10. Date & time of next meeting.






Public Forum Rules


As per Folkingham Parish Council – Standing order No 1

  • Meetings shall be open to the public unless their presence is prejudicial to the public interest because of the confidential nature of the business to be transacted or for other special reasons. The public’s exclusion from part or all of a meeting shall be by a resolution which shall give reasons for the public’s exclusion.


  • Members of the public may make representations, answer questions and give evidence at a meeting which they are entitled to attend in respect of the business on the agenda.


  • The period designated for public participation at a meeting in accordance with standing orders shall not exceed 15 minutes unless directed by the chairman of the meeting.


  • A member of the public shall not speak for more than 3 minutes.


  • A question shall not require a response at the meeting nor start a debate on the question. The chairman of the meeting may direct that a written or oral response be given.


  • A person shall raise his hand when requesting to speak except when a person has a disability or is likely to suffer discomfort.


  • A person who speaks at a meeting shall direct his comments to the chairman of the meeting.


  • Only one person is permitted to speak at a time. If more than one person wants to speak, the chairman of the meeting shall direct the order of speaking.



Once the meeting has started, the public are not allowed to speak or ask questions.