March 2020 Minutes

Folkingham Parish Council


held on Thursday 19th March 2020



  1. Welcome & Acting Chair’s Remarks

The meeting commenced at 19.30

During these unprecedented times of the Global Coronavirus Pandemic, this meeting was held remotely via a web meeting – with each Cllr calling in from their own home.  This had been communicated and members of the public invited to submit questions in advance via telephone or email.

The Acting Chair asked for it to be noted that Cllr Hannah Weston Smith will be on leave until at least May 2020.  Until her return, as Vice-Chair he will take the role of Acting Chair.  Cllr Lucy Robb will continue in the role of Acting Vice Chair

Acting Chair Cllr Richard Clark (RC), welcomed those present at the webmeeting.  FPC Cllrs Lucy Robb (LR), Dean Sturrock and Cath Lack (CL) were also present, along with the Clerk (EW).


  1. Apologies – Apologies were received from Cllr. Watson-Grant, PCSO Sandra Brommell.


  1. Declarations of Interest - There were no declarations of interest.


  1. Public Questions

There were no questions from the public.


  1. Notes of the Parish Meeting held on 16th January 2020

The notes of the Parish meeting held on 16th January 2020 were approved as the minutes.



  1. Matters Arising  There were no matters arising.


  1. Updates from SKDC/LCC

No update was available from Cllr Jan Hansen of SKDC

Cllr Hill (LCC) kindly provided an update electronically as follows:

Coronavirus is currently a major issue for the council and we are daily receiving extra requests from government to help with this challenging agenda, for example contacting thousands of vulnerable people who are cared for informally and reorganising school transport for children of key workers at short notice.  We are working out how to keep providing services with absent staff with illness etc. Which will probably require some prioritisation.  I am doing a daily Facebook update at 4pm with the CX and all details are on our website


As part of the council budget which was agreed last month, we are putting extra money into Highways.  In particular for new teams who will be tasked with going round the county picking up those issues which are currently being missed through routine reactive maintenance.  So, for example Folkingham parish will get regular visits which initially will deal with minor stuff on the long waiting list.  Also, we are more flood response capacity so that minor flood problems are addressed and landowners are chased up to keep important water courses maintained properly.  It will be helpful if the parish council makes sure that issues are reported on our system, so that they are on record. 


Locally, there has been an issue with damage to Spring Lane due to a lorry going down there and nearly getting stuck allegedly due to satnav!  Highways are looking into this.


Finally, I will send the latest version of LCC’s monthly parish newsletter in case you have not seen it.  As always, if you have issues please let me know.


  1. Traffic Calming Update

It was noted:

  1. The 30 mph passive speed signs have been removed and will now be down for a few weeks
  2. It is likely that future rotations will alternate between West Street, Walcot Lane and the main A15/Market Place.




  1. Playing Field

It was noted:

  1. Rent is still outstanding for the Pavilion from 2019 and 2020.   The Acting Chair had received a request to send Pete Stanton another invoice for pavilion rent. 
  2. There have been some suggestions that RFFC would like to erect a temporary structure – something like a dug out

It was agreed:

  1. Clerk to send invoices again
  2. FPC need more details on the proposal to ensure it wouldn’t be subject to planning conditions.







  1. Grass Cutting

It was noted: 

The Clerk had received a query from a resident asking who is responsible for cutting an area of grass at the top end of Wilkie Drive.

It was agreed:

Cllr. Clark to look at the email and investigate further.






  1. Allotments

It was noted:

  1. 9 out of 10 rents for 2020 have been received.
  2. 2 people are on the waiting list for the next available plots.

It was agreed:

  1. Clerk to send a reminder to the tenant who has outstanding rent.






  1. Village Green 


Nothing to report


  1. Folkingham Flyer

It was noted:

  1. Cllr Clark has a New Year edition in draft.  Cllr Lack to assist in production and publication.  It had been suggested that perhaps FPC could contact Tony Buchan of The Voice to see if it is possible to include a double paged spread from FPC within an edition of The Voice.

It was agreed:

  1. Clerk to send Clr Clark contact details of Tony Buchan
  2. All Councillors and the Clerk to provide a piece for publication.  Photographs particularly welcome.







  1. Planning

It was noted:

  1. S19/2231 – Application for an extension and change of layout received and approved since the January meeting
  2. The Clerk has added a new page to the website for planning applications and outcomes.  The page also contains a link to the SKDC planning portal for easy searching of applications





  1. Finance

It was noted:

  1. All payments and receipts were reviewed.
  2. A grant application has been received from Folkingham Village Hall for £500 towards the cost of refurbishing the hall floor.  The Clerk informed Councillors that money remains in the Grants Budget.

It was agreed:

  1. All payments were approved.
  2. Grant approved for £500 to Folkingham Village Hall
  3. LIVES – First Responders – request of a donation?

The village skip usually arranged for around the time of the Easter Holiday was also discussed.  It was unanimously agreed that it would not be appropriate for this to go ahead given the current advice and restrictions. It will be postponed until at least the end of May 2020








  1. Training Update

The Clerk continues to circulate training dates available to all Councillors

The LCC training for the new FPC website that the Clerk was due to attend on 30 March has been cancelled due to the Coronavirus pandemic.  The Clerk awaits further updates. 


All Cllrs

  1. Correspondence
    1. Several members of the Council and the Clerk are working with the SKDC’s Monitoring Officer and Legal Department regarding 2 complaints - one from FPC and the other against FPC.


  1. CORONOVIRUS:  Please let us know if you require any support or you are offering any support that you would like us to communicate.  The Clerk will update the website as frequently as necessary with information on the Covid-19 support available.



  1. Date of Next Meeting

The date of the next meeting was confirmed as Thursday 21st May 2020 at 7.00pm.  Please note the earlier start as it is the Annual Parish Meeting.  Please also note that it is highly likely that this meeting will also be held remotely – members of the public should submit any questions in advance.

It was agreed that:

  • Notes will be published within 28 working days of the meeting
  • The Agenda will be published at least 3 full working days in advance of the next meeting
  • Items to be added to the agenda must be provided to the Clerk no later than 7 days before the meeting.


  1. Close

There being no further business the meeting closed at 19:59


Future Meetings:


  • 21st May – Annual Parish Meeting 7pm, followed by PC Meeting